Fulcrum at the American Library Association show in Boston

Our table was literally in the furthest corner of the hall, along the small press aisle, but those tenacious librarians still managed to find us! I had terrific conversations with librarians from all over the US and from all types of institutions (one guy was the librarian for Nissan!).

Everyone seemed to love our Tattooed "Tattooed Librarian" display, with the very popular faux tattoos!Lady book, even more so when I explained that it was written by a tattooed librarian! That tattooed librarian, Amelia Klem Osterud joined me Monday, to meet and greet librarians and walk the floor, looking for opportunities for her book (out in November).

For anyone thinking librarians are boring- you’ve got to check out their book cart drill team ‘dances’. NPR happened to do a story on this year’s event- check out the madness: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=106561675
I was very happy that my favorite team, from Oak Park, IL won! Their routine was to Flight of the Valkyries  in gold breast plates and viking helmets, outfitted with braids. librarian_540

About fulcrumpublishing
Founded in 1984, Fulcrum Publishing is one of the largest independent publishers in the country, with more than 450 active titles. The company maintains a high standard of quality and pride in its books, with the objective of encouraging readers to live life to the fullest and learn something new each day. Fulcrum Publishing specializes in general-interest nonfiction titles with focuses in public policy, education, Native American culture and history, travel and outdoor recreation, environmentalism, and gardening. Fulcrum is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. The Fulcrum Publishing blog is run and updated by Dani Perea. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, comments, or ideas by e-mailing her at Dani[at]fulcrumbooks[dot com].

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