Upcoming Fulcrum Titles!

We’re announcing a great line-up of new titles today, coming soon to a bookstore near you:

The West Wing

A literary tale of westward expansion told through the eyes of prairie chickens, and of the human who becomes one of their own. Prairie Hen Companion host Mr. Darcy Chickenator, calls it “Dances with Wolves for chickens, sort of.”

Colorado Wilderness Survival Guide: the Unexpected Edition

This wilderness survival guide doesn’t waste your time with the typical so-called survival “know-how” on edible plants, fire-making, and first aid. This fully illustrated handbook covers alien abductions, zombie attacks, werewolf bites (how to tell if your companion was bitten by a wolf or a werewolf, and why it’s important to make this distinction before administering first aid), and how to protect your camp from a Wendigo. Although many state forest services have advocated against all of the survival advice in this book, we think they’ll warm up to it, eventually.

Dusk (Book 1)

An exquisite paranormal romance for young adults. When 17-year old human/goat hybrid Luella moves to her dad’s goat farm in a small southwestern town, she is instantly attracted to Millard, a handsome senior boy, who is also a chupacabra.  The feeling is mutual, but this star-crossed romance soon becomes a struggle for survival, when a blood-thirsty outsider clan of chupacabras arrives in town and heads straight for Leulla.

Feline Colorado

This guide to cat-friendly trails, activities, LOLcat photo opportunities, and accommodations throughout the mountain state, is invaluable to both resident and visiting cat-owners. Most cat-owners do not take advantage of the cat-friendly hiking, biking, and skiing trails that Colorado has to offer, for fear that their cat will never forgive them. This handy guide includes detailed information on how to take your cat with on outdoor adventures without too much injury to life, limb, or eye.