Notable Western Women

This spring, Fulcrum released the second and third titles in a wonderful new series by Julie Danneberg called “Notable Western Women.” The two new titles, “Women Icons of the West” and “Women Artists of the West” feature a unique fictional first- and third-person narrative that allows young readers to get to know these women through their actions and thoughts, as well as the observations and opinions of those who knew them. Sidebars link the fictional narrative to documented historical events, and a bibliography offers resources for further research on each women. Black and white historic photos round out the package of these beautiful books. This series will engage and inspire young readers, and might even help them look at history in a new way.

978-1-55591-694-7 | $14.95

“I don’t care what the newspapers say about me just so they say something.” — Margaret “Molly” Brown

Women Icons of the West: Five Women Who Forged the American Frontier allows readers to step back in time and experience the spirit of the West through the eyes of five courageous women: Clara Brown, Sara Winnemucca, Nellie Cashman, Isabella Bird, and Margaret Brown. From a newly freed slave to a refined Englishwoman, from a Native American to a miner’s wife, these women, vastly different at first glance, have much to teach us about perseverance, surviving hardship, and living courageously.

978-1-55591-861-3 | $14.95

“The meaning of a word—to me—is not as exact as the meaning of a color. Colors and shapes make a more definite statement than words.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

In Women Artists of the West: Five Portraits in Creativity and Courage, meet five important women from different ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds whose love for the West and its people inspired their art: Maria Martinez, Georgia O’Keeffe, Laura Gilpin, Dorothea Lange, and Mary-Russel Colton. Whether potters, painters of photographers, these women steadfastly pursued their careers and often supported their families at a time when making a career as an artist was an unconventional and difficult life choice for a woman.

The author of the series, Julie Danneberg, is a third–generation Colorado native and elementary school teacher who lives in Denver with her husband and two children. Her other children’s books include Cowboy Slim, First Day Jitters, and Last Day Blues.

Photo by Sonya Sones

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