Comic-Con International Recap – We’ll Be Back!

As an independent book publisher in the West with mostly nonfiction titles, there’s never been a reason for us to go to Comic-Con International. Until now. Last weekend I had the privilege of being Fulcrum’s first-ever representative at San Diego Comic-Con International 2011. Aside from witnessing the spectacle and the cosplay of the show (it’s like Vegas meets Halloween meets Saturday morning cartoons meets BEA on crack), I was there to support Fulcrum author Matt Dembicki, editor of Trickster: Native American Tales.

Trickster Cover, Native American graphic novel

Comic-Con San Diego

Matt and Trickster contributing artist Andrew Cohen both made the trip out to San Diego for several reasons. One was a signing at an event across the street from Comic-Con called, coincidentally, TR!CKSTER.

Trickster Signing

Of course, another big highlight was walking the show floor and seeing an endless, chaotic parade of crazy costumes and talking to creators, fans, and publishers. Take a look at Matt’s blog for more pics of the show and his personal rundown.

Snoopy at Comic-Con International

But our main reason for attending Comic-Con was an Eisner Award nomination for Trickster in the anthology category. The ceremony was Friday night, and while we lost out to Mouse Guard, the three of us still walked away feeling extremely honored by the nomination and the chance to attend the gala with some of the industry’s finest.

Eisner Awards at Comic-Con

This honor became even more evident as I walked the show floor on Saturday. I ran into a few people I recognized from the awards gala and said either “Congrats on the Eisner” or “Congrats on the nomination last night.” They’d inevitably ask who I was with and what book we’d been nominated for, and after I’d explain, they’d still have a blank look on their face, or rather a look saying, Who the hell is Fulcrum? So I’d jump in and say that Trickster was our first foray into comics/graphic novels, that we’re not at all known in that world. One guy’s reaction to this really gave me some perspective: “This is your first graphic novel and you got an Eisner nomination? Ahhh, screw you guys.”

Yep, it’s our first, but it won’t be our last. Matt’s hard at work on a new anthology, tentatively slated for Fall 2012, and it’s going to give Trickster a run for its money.


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