Cowboys & Aliens

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long, long time. Cowboys & Aliens has arrived in theaters. I’ve read the comics, seen the trailers, and seen the Comic-Con featurettes. Tonight I’ll be seeing a bunch of chiseled, taciturn, rough-exterior-with-a-heart-o-‘gold-type cowboys kick some slimy, evil, invading alien tail. It will be glorious.

To celebrate Daniel Craig’s certain victory against our would-be alien overlords, I’m offering a giveaway on this here blog for a free copy of Steve Friesen’s Buffalo Bill. Buffalo Bill didn’t fight aliens, but if he did, I’m sure he would have shown them what-for, and then in the can-do spirit of American entrepreneurship would have most likely asked them to join his Wild West show. Always the showman, that Buffalo Bill.

Here sits Buffalo Bill, thinking of ways to defeat the alien horde.

To enter, vote below for your favorite cowboy and your favorite alien! You can also enter on our Twitter and Facebook pages to increase your chances of winning!

Many will enter, but only one will win!

In the cowboy corner:

Val Kilmer’s consumptive Doc Holliday in Tombstonedeadly, sickly, and rarely sober.

Firefly captain Malcolm Reynolds—quick with quip, quicker with a gun, and he wears his pants all tight and shinylike.

True Grit‘s Mattie Ross—The youngest cowpoke on our list is also one of the bravest, using her wits going to toe-to-toe with villains far older and stronger.

Sheriff Bart of Blazing SaddlesManages to get the last laugh while outwitting an entire town and his foes.

Han Solo, of Star Wars—The original rogue maverick. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a Han Solo on your side. He even had a loyal sidekick.

Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk—boldly went where no man had gone before. He was also kind of a narcissistic jerk.

And on the alien side of the ring:

The aliens from Alien—These big snarling beasts are everything nightmares are made of. Also, their tongues have teeth. Terrifying.

Star Trek‘s Spock—Ok, I know he’s only half alien, but because I love him, he’s on the list. Cool, logical, and supersmart, Spock also gets major cred for rocking a bowl cut.

Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars—Fat and sluglike, he only seems harmless. But he commands a small army of villains, and he decorates his house with Han Solo’s carbonite-frozen carcass.

Third Rock from the Sun‘s Tommy—The oldest and most experienced member of a band of alien explorers, he assumes the form of a human teenager. It’s hard to be taken seriously as a superior life form when you’re stuck in algebra, worrying about pimples.

The Independence Day aliens—These guys are superscary exoskeleton-suited baddies, but in their rush to plunder Earth’s resources, they forgot to install basic antivirus protection in their fancy mothership. They’re no match for Jeff Goldblum and a floppy disk.

Predator from PredatorPredators have active camouflage that renders them invisible and they carry guns. They look like a horseshoe crab on ‘roids and are capable of annihilating a squad of elite military commandos.

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