Flat Willie!

An old friend has rejoined us in the marketing area- Flat Willie!


A few years ago we published a great lil’ book by the amazing Willie Nelson, all about his love for bio-diesel (did you know his whole tour fleet is powered with the clean fuel?), On the Clean Road Again: Biodiesel and the Future of the Family Farm.

The real Willie didn’t have time  to stop by our BEA booth (the man tours 200 days a year!) so we created the next best thing- Flat Willie!

We’ve been cleaning and reorganizing our marketing materials and found poor ol’ Wille folded up and lonely in the warehouse and decided he needed to hang out with us again!

Check out all the cute folks posing with Wille at BEA 2007

Oh, and his new album title has us all blushing and giggling: Naked Willie.