You get a book, and you get a book, and you get a book!

We’re not quite Oprah, but we know how to give out a free book or two. Or four.

Here are some of the lucky Goodreads winners of our titles!

Kyle Campbell from Plant City, Florida won Serengeti by Boyd Norton.

Maybe next time Boyd will take Kyle with him.

 Megan Anderson from Richmond, Kentucky, nagged a copy of Bobby Bridger‘s Where the Tall Grass Grows.

Do you mind telling us where, exactly, the tall grass grows? I somehow managed to miss that part, but I'm not great with directions.

Brooke-lynn Christian has a copy of Parks for the People headed to her mailbox in Muskegon, Michigan.

Parks by Frederick Law Olmsted, for the people... especially you, Brooke-lynn!

Things Natural, Wild, and Free is headed to Holly Perrin in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Flying to a mailbox near you, Holly!

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