Spring Has Sprung: Fulcrum’s Staff Picks for Spring Break Reading

It is 50 degrees in Denver today (although it feels like 80), there isn’t a cloud in the sky, and all we want to do is go outside, lie in the warm grass, and read. With nearly 500 titles in our backlist, where do we start? Here are a few wonderful selections from Fulcrum staff members who would rather be outside reading (or on Spring Break) than indoors working today. Join us and pick up one of these titles, and enjoy the beginning of spring!

Dani Perea, Marketing & Sales Associate:

My ideal vacation is spent enjoying the finest morbid tourism our great country has to offer: cemeteries with resident vampires, places where rock stars croaked, hauntings, battlefields, and small towns with chupacabra problems. For my next vacation, I’ll be stowing Dick Kreck’s Murder at the Brown Palace: A True Story of Seduction and Betrayal next to my Ouija board and electromagnetic field meter. This book has all the gory details: murder, drugs, sex, and high-society living—all a gal needs to relax and enjoy herself away from home.

Jack Lenzo, Designer:

Every month I anxiously await the arrival of my beloved Outside magazine. Even though my rational mind knows to expect a few more snows, I can’t help but get excited about adventure season, and Outside does a great job of  hyping me up. But last week it got me going in a different way by focusing on the bad blood between bikers and drivers. Oh, there’s plenty! But why not start the season off on a better foot? Great Road Rides Denver is a positive step in normalizing relations between these two groups. It offers great tips and facts about safe biking as well as a number of excellent bike-friendly routes that keep the blood pressure down on both sides. And that, my friends, sounds better than putting on my helmet and preparing for battle.

Sam Scinta, Publisher:

First pick: The Stork’s Nest: Life and Love in the Russian Countryside. Love, nature, remote Russian villages…what more could a reader want? This book paints a portrait of the Russia I have always dreamed of, the one that, sadly, is disappearing. And Laura writes a lovely tale.

Second pick: Buffalo Unbound: A Celebration. Now perhaps I am biased, being a Buffalonian (or, maybe I simply have a thing for authors named Laura), but this laugh-out-loud history of Buffalo and its various subcultures is especially timely given the rebirth of old industrial cities across the country.

Katie O’Neill, Marketing Manger:

I have grand plans to travel LOTS this spring and summer (mainly around our fine state of Colorado), and the first time I step out the door with my overnight bag, some snacks, and my pup, I plan on bringing Lines from a Mined Mind: The Words of John Trudell along with me. John Trudell (Santee Sioux) is an acclaimed poet, national recording artist, actor, and activist with an international following, and Fulcrum was lucky enough to publish this beautiful anthology of lyrics from Trudell’s recording career. This is the perfect book for traveling: short pieces of beautiful, deep, and lyrical writing to read at night under the stars.

Brynn Flaherty, Marketing Assistant:

When I go on a little spring vacation this April, I plan on reading The Birth (And Death) of the Cool by Ted Gioia. I have been eyeing this book on the Fulcrum bookshelves since I started working here four months ago, and I think I’m finally going to dig in and read it. I remember enjoying The History of Jazz by Gioia when it was assigned in one of my college classes, and I’m interested to see how Gioia takes his knowledge of the Jazz Age through the 1950s and applies it to the evolution of “the cool.” In this cultural history, Gioia shows why cool is not a timeless concept and how it has begun to lose its meaning in present-day society. Whether or not we believe the cool is out of style now, I will always be intrigued by the personas and lifestyles of Miles Davis, James Dean, and the others that shaped our view of cool from the the 1950s. In my opinion, these guys will always be cool.

Plus, I think its got a really cool cover.

Smaldones on Channel 4 News

Great piece from Channel 4’s Breakfast with Brooke program on the Smaldones and Dick Kreck’s book Smaldone: The Untold Story of an American Crime Family.

Great Sunday for Smaldone

Sunday was a great day for Dick Kreck’s new book, Smaldone: The Untold Story of an American Crime Family. Not only did the book score the number three spot on the local best-seller list for nonfiction, it was also featured in a Denver Post two-page spread, including an excerpt from the book!

Smaldone Event at the Tattered Cover, also ‘Mobbed’

718-0Last night at the Tattered Cover LODO the room was half full at 6:30, a full hour before the Smaldone event was scheduled to start! Gaetano’s Restaurant (formerly owned by the Smaldones) was on hand to provide meatballs to the hungry early arrivals. Author Dick Kreck arrived early to start signing books before the talk, and was soon joined by Gene Smaldone, who’s interviews with his father, Clyde were essential to Kreck’s complete portrait of  the notorious North Denver crime family.

Gene and Dick signing books before the talk:14957222

The event space at the Tattered Cover LODO, already mostly full at 7pm: 2009-06-30_19.04.18

Denver’s Mafia

Author Dick Kreck stopped in today to work on his upcoming book on Denver’s notorious Smaldone crime family. The former owners of Gaetano’s Italian restaurant (now owned by the Wynkoop Group) ran a gambling empire that kept them at the top of the local mob hierarchy from the 30’s to the 90’s, only ending when the last brother Clarence “Chauncey” Smaldone passed away October 16, 2006. Check out the article  Dick published in the Denver Post shortly after Chauncey’s death for a taste of what will be in the 2009 book!