Happy Birthday, Hunter S. Thompson

It’s Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday today, and we’re celebrating by offering a 50 percent discount on The Gonzo Way: A Celebration of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson on orders placed through our website. Just use discount code GONZO at checkout to receive your discount.

I’ll be celebrating in my own quiet way this evening by reading Transmetropolitan (I like my Hunter S. Thompson tributes with a heavy dose of cyberpunk), sipping on a glass of Zaya Gran Reserva on the rocks, and watching my chicken peck at an effigy of Richard Nixon. You know, just normal stuff.

Anita Thompson also has a lovely entry on Hunter’s birthday and the goings-on at Owl Farm on her blog.

Cheers, Hunter, wherever you are.


The Gonzo Way!

622-8Check out this terrific audio download of the lessons outlined in Anita Thompson’s The Gonzo Way. It was created by Judd Marcello, an admitted, “massive fan of  Hunter S. Thompson”. He’s also the guy who made the terrific Gonzo Way video just after Anita’s book came out.

Put it on your Ipod, listen to it in your car and it’ll surely inspire you to start living the Gonzo Way!