5 Reasons Why Interning Is Better than Working at a Restaurant

We’ve all heard the stereotypes concerning internships. About how they’re free-labor, waste-of-time, refill-your-boss’s-coffee-cup types of jobs. If they’re even jobs, because oh wait, we’re not really getting paid. Still, while some of these internships might warrant the stigma, I haven’t had that experience. As an admittedly terrible waitress (I can charm you all meal, but I’ll likely forget to bring the butter, and your refill, and oh, that’s Sprite and not water?!? I’m so sorry, I’ll get you a new one.), I’ve had much worse experiences. Aside from the while not getting paid enough money to eat and pay rent issue, here are the top 5 reasons why interning for a publisher like Fulcrum is a much better gig.

  1. Working = being a book and Internet nerd, not talking to myself as I stress over if I remember what side you wanted with your meal (which I could have sworn I wrote down.) I basically get to read interesting and intriguing books, and then share them with you on the Internet universe. Being on Twitter and Facebook is where I’m supposed to be, and not where I’m spending my time instead of working on my seminar thesis. (Which is a random example and nothing I would have ever dreamed of doing while in school, of course.) That’s a pretty sweet deal.
  2. I get my coffee, no one else’s. I also drink it, never forget the cream and sugar, and best of all, don’t have to juggle six plates and cups and spoons to get it to my desk. The best part? It all fits in this handy thing called a giant mug that could happen to have a meowing cat, a flower pattern, or the name of some obsolete literary journal on it to make you feel smart. So much more interesting. Also, I’ve never been afraid of tripping while carrying it to my desk.
  3. There is no nametag, no introducing myself thirty times a day, and no sixty-year-old man looking blatantly below my chin to remember my name later for when he needs to holler for more bread. (This actually does happen.) And while my email account is intern2@fulcrumbooks.com (Send me a note!), I don’t feel like Dr. Seuss’s Thing 2. If someone I talk to here doesn’t know my name, they’ve fooled me. (It’s Stacie, by the way.)

    May I take your order?

  1. I get to dress like… a girl. There is some strange man laughing at the corporate headquarters of the restaurant where I work. Somehow, he has convinced thousands of women across the United States to wear little boy’s white collared shirts and ties. Not only does it take me minutes of my life (that I will never get back) to button up the opposite way I’ve been buttoning shirts my entire life, but I look like I wanted to be a male 1920s silent film actor for Halloween. All I need is a bowler hat and a nice mustache. Exhibit A: Imagine this man with bangs, and that’s me at the restaurant.
  1. I’m one step closer to what I actually want to do. Not that bringing your calamari isn’t at the top of my list of life goals, but I think I’m going to stick with what I know: Books, Blogs, and…social media networking. (There’s no smooth B-word for that, unfortunately.) I guess what I’m trying to say, lovely readers of this blog, is appreciate your servers and your interns. Most of us have to be one (for better or worse) so we can do the other. Oh, and please be careful. Those plates really are hot.

PS: To anyone who may or may not know my name…my name is actually Diana, so if you call me Stacie, I’ll know that you not only don’t know my name, but you also didn’t read my whole blog post. [Insert evil laugh here.] I’m not your average intern.

Diana is the new marketing intern at Fulcrum. A recently relocated Hoosier, she spends her time searching for bike paths, reading classics, making milkshakes, and pretending to know everything about the Midwest. She’s also a good cook and, as mentioned, a terrible waitress.


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Introducing Fulcrum’s Newest Bloggers


Allow us to introduce ourselves…  The three of us, Dani, Katie and Brynn, will be blogging weekly for Fulcrum Publishing, bringing you all kinds of juicy information on Fulcrum’s wonderful authors, upcoming releases and interesting thoughts regarding books and the constantly evolving publishing world.  We hope that you will join us on our blog each week, and please also feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and at http://www.fulcrum-books.com.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Dani Perea

Hello blogverse, I’m Dani Perea, the new Sales and Marketing Associate here at Fulcrum. I just moved to Colorado from Boston (or as we say, Bawston), MA. I came to Fulcrum because I loved its History and Native American titles. When I am not blogging for the press, I enjoy crafting steampunk hats and goggles, and rigorously training for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Brynn Flaherty

Hi Fulcrum blog readers – I am Brynn Flaherty, Fulcrum’s new Marketing Assistant.  I just moved to Denver from Aspen, Colorado, where the beer really does flow like wine.  Although I am not a Colorado native, I have lived in this lovely state for 10 years and can think of no where I’d rather be.  Well, maybe a tropical island or two…but Colorado is home, and I love to get outside and enjoy the mountains as much as I can.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Fulcrum team, and I look forward to blogging and taking part in all things marketing.

Katie O’Neill

Hello! I’m Katie O’Neill, and I am the Marketing Manager at Fulcrum. I love my job and am thrilled to be joined by these two amazing women, and to embark on our exciting journey together. I’ve lived in Colorado for two years, but I am still not quite used to the snow, after living in Phoenix and San Francisco for many years.  When I’m not furiously answering emails and phone calls during the work week, I like taking long hikes with my very sweet and energetic Lab puppy, George. Or, sleeping.

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