Ode to Dani, a Blogging Genius

The first time I met Dani, she was sitting on a table, combat boots swinging above the carpet, talking about how she shared a New York City apartment with ten people while she did an internship in the city. I was a Denver Publishing Institute student at the time, and between her comments and those of the two other marketing girls, their words were gold. Since I landed the marketing internship here at Fulcrum, Dani has become more than my immediate supervisor—she has been my teacher: someone who always has an insightful and unique perspective and is a pure marketing guru. This past week, she broke the news that she’s moving on to be the marketing manager for The GLBT Center of Colorado . I’ll miss seeing her Green Lantern coffee mug in the cubby next to mine, surrounded by posters of superheroes and zombies, and looking up obscure websites and movie trailers after she disappointingly shakes her head because she’s the only one in the office who has heard of them.

"Becauseof her bright blue hair, we made friends everywhere we went."

Still, most everyone in the office has known Dani much longer than I, and so I’m posting a few of Dani’s best blogs, moments, and memories from her coworkers. If any of you have anything to say to Dani, be sure to post below!

Our warehouse manager, James Ruiz, on his favorite Dani moment: “I think the first time that I saw her come in with blue hair comes to mind. I still remember Bob’s face when he caught a glimpse. Up to that point I thought I was the only rebel here, with four tattoos, but she showed me up with that wild hair! That young lady will go places, and I wish her all the best!”

Karla, our accounts receivable manager, wrote, “Dani is a very unique individual. It was fun waiting every morning to see what tights she would have on or what color her hair would be. It made the day interesting. She has a great personality and is very talented.”

Finally, Katie, our marketing manager and publicity extraordinaire, had a few memories and photos to share: “Along with being my colleague, Dani was also my roomie in NYC for BEA this past May. Together, we ventured into the Big Apple (In the middle of the night, Dani arrived at the hotel room from another show on the West Coast and scared me half to death. We were both exhausted and only half-grunted at each other before collapsing into a fourteen-hour sleep.) to man our BEAUTIFUL booth, meet Tyra Banks , eat and drink very well, ride the carousel in Central Park, go shopping at H&M, and visit the Met. Because of her bright blue hair, we made friends everywhere we went, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for our NYC memories. Maybe someday we’ll meet up there again…Best of luck, Dani! Make us proud! ”


Fulcrum’s News Round-up

TGIF. The view outside my window is filled with blue sky, bright white fluffy clouds, and miles of green. Perfect weather to… well, do nothing. Before I get busy doing that, let’s review another wonderful week of great Fulcrum books, events, and authors.

‘Twas a short week at the office, although a busy one after getting back from a week in NYC for BEA. See video and audio highlights from the 2011 show here, although, none of these include Dani’s and my highlights: Tyra Banks??!! Benjamin Batt??!! Ok, Benjamin wasn’t at the show, but we saw him walking down the street near Times Square, all cool and nonchalant and sending Dani’s heart racing. Tyra was at the show to publicize her new fantasy novel, Modelland. Here’s a picture of Dani admiring the book back at our booth:

Our own celebrities Richard Hetzler and Renee Wilkinson, authors of the books The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook and Modern Homestead respectively, were also at BEA this year. They both brought in great crowds for their signings. Richard’s fans raved about the menu at The Mitsitam Cafe at the NMAI in Washington, DC (which is, by the way, amazing):

While Renee’s fans solicited her advice on planting, growing, and chicken-raising conundrums (I believe the fan pictured below is reenacting one of her chicken conundrums) and her years of experience on her Portland plot in HipChickDigs.com:

In addition to our exciting BEA news, Dani also wrote a great blog post yesterday about our memorial edition of Every Day is a Good Day: Reflections by Contemporary Indigenous Women by Wilma Mankiller. If you have not read it yet, please do. The book is not only a favorite of ours, but of many Native women, activists, libraries, and schools. And it’s a great, inspiring read for this weekend. Happy June and Happy Friday!

BEA Wrap-Up

After a week spent at Book Expo America in NYC, this blogger has her feet back on mile-high soil.

BEA 2011 was great fun—we enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by the Fulcrum booth, from dear friends to attendees who came by to discover Fulcrum’s books for the first time. Katie and I were able to do a little bit of our own expo touring and gawking; we met Tyra Banks, I saw Judy Moody, and on our way back to our hotel we saw a certain former Sterling Cooper art director on the street (Katie is still recovering from the sighting, since I punched her in the shoulder and shouted “BRYAN BATT!” into her ear, and then proceeded to hop up and down, flapping my arms like a startled chicken).

Tyra Banks at BEA

Can you guess which one is the supermodel and which one is the starstruck marketing associate?

Katie cochaired a panel called “Back to Basics: Why Home Economics Books Are the New Retro Chic” with the Fabulous Beekman Boys, the publisher from Interweave, and  two librarians, one from the New York City Public Library and the other from the Portland Public Library. The panel seemed to be well-received by the librarians who attended, and we were proud to have Modern Homestead represented among such a great group of DIY panelists and homesteaders.

Our authors Richard Hetzler and Renee Wilkinson made a big splash as well. We were delighted by the many attendees who stopped by The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook signing to tell Richard how much they had enjoyed a meal at the Mitsitam Cafe. Many attendees in line for the Modern Homestead signing swapped planting stories with Renee and talked about their urban plots like proud parents.

Renee Wilkinson meets a fan and shares homesteading stories.

We had a great time and enjoyed meeting new friends, such as our booth buddy, Biblioasis, and the bloggers who shared their wisdom at Blogworld. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.